Fridge Jenga

By April 13, 2016 Behind the Scenes

Every few months, with a family of 29 rolling through here each day, our communal fridge can get a little frightening.

To continue our tradition established by former AE Jessica Kliner(take a peek at her fridge-cleaning skills here), we took the opportunity on Friday to do a full-on cleanup.

There’s always a certain curiosity about which items are the most expired. This time, the theme was definitely brunch. Enjoy. Or don’t. Preferably don’t.  It could be hazardous.

Egg scramble with scallions served over sausage patties.



Formerly fresh strawberries.




Formerly fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.




On a positive note, most of the tossable items were fresh fruit high-protein yogurt, so we seem to be making progress.

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