Goal Setting 101

By January 17, 2019 April 5th, 2019 OEAPROTIPS

According to USA TODAY, January 17th is the day your New Year’s resolutions will likely collapse. GREATTTT, only halfway through January and we’re already giving up. But we have a little secret to tell you…Advertising doesn’t give up. We’ve planned for months, quarters, even years to set our clients up for success. And today we’re going to share with you a couple ways to avoid the pitfalls of resolution setting as an advertiser would.

1. Stop setting unreasonable goals! There is a reason you stopped two weeks in, and it’s because they weren’t even attainable in the first place. In the marketing and advertising industry it is imperative we create step-by-step goals that are attainable and trackable.  Our favorite planning method is the WOOP method. According to WOOPmylife.orgWOOP is a practical, accessible, evidence-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their goals and change their habits.”

Save this picture to your phone when you’re stuck, and create your goals with the accessible and attainable WOOP method


2. Track your progress! Find your reason to write! If you need colored pens, highlighters, a new planner, a whiteboard, or the old-fashioned yellow pad and paper, GET THEM. Dedicate a place in your office to TRACK your progress. There are so many apps available right now to keep yourself on track. And the best one is FREE…and her name is SIRI. Take a walk around our office and you will hear multiple OEA employees saying “SIRI remind me to_____” “SIRI create a calendar invite for _____.”

Go to the app store and type in progress tracker, and there will be so many you can choose from that will fit your individual needs!


3. Give yourself some room to LEARN. Changing old behaviors is a learned skill. It takes time, and it takes practice. Don’t give up on the first sign of struggle. Just revisit your WOOP method, find those obstacles and track them along with your action items, and soon enough you’ll be keeping resolutions all year long!

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