Happy International Women’s Day!

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Meet the 18 Women at the forefront of OEA’s advertising, digital media, and creative. We asked them questions, and here are their answers:

Brandi Jackson – 20 years – Media Director
What qualities make a great leader?

“There are so many qualities that make a great leader: strong communication, trust, transparency, emotional intelligence and empathy, to name a few. However, the most important quality – and one that ultimately encompasses every single one of the aforementioned traits – is to lead by INFLUENCE. If you strive to give your team the knowledge, tools, guidance and, support to help them reach their fullest potential, rarely will they let you down. If you lead by example and show them that you are invested in their growth and future, you most certainly can bring out the best in them. In turn, you’ll foster in them excitement, creativity and genuine passion for putting forth their best work. Lead by influence, and almost without exception, you’ll be rewarded with a team that almost always goes above and beyond. Without question, I truly believe most people rise to the level of expectation set forth. If a leader holds themselves to the very same level of expectation that she holds her staff to, it’s almost impossible to fail.”

Danielle Parks – 5 Years – Graphic Design
What woman inspires you and why?

“My Nana and my Mom – They are the two women that formed me into the woman I am today. They taught me to be strong but empathetic and to always be considerate of other people’s feelings. My mom used to tell me the word “Can’t” was a curse word, and that has guided me through my entire life. Where there’s a will there’s a way. :)”

Nikki – 1 Year – Account Executive
What qualities make a great leader?

“Qualities that make a great leader to me are honesty, creativity and passion, and their ability to inspire others.”

Brianna Dempsey – 1 year – Social Media Manager
What woman inspires you and why?

“It’s hard to pick just one woman. I come from a very strong lineage of women. My mother had 8 sisters, and all of them are one-of-a-kind. The stories I’ve grown up hearing from my Grandma, Mother, and Aunties are more than what words can define as ‘inspiring.’ Knowing that my DNA is made up of so many unapologetically real, incredibly talented, and creative story-tellers has followed me throughout my life and empowered me to strive for the highest of mountains.”

Naomi Vargas – 3.5 years – Production Manager
How work success helps you succeed at motherhood:

“Success in motherhood and success in the work place go hand-in-hand. Each experience provides an opportunity to learn, which allows us to better hone in and shape the next experience. Exercising time management skills, WIN (What’s Important Now), LISTENING, being pro-active, allowing failure to be a stepping stone (FAIL – First Attempt In Learning), all of these can guide our management style at home and in the workplace, and they helps us to grow as an individual as well as a team or family.”

Isabelle Perrault – One week – Receptionist
Are there any assumptions about women that you’d like to change? Why?

“I would like to change the assumption that women aren’t capable of accomplishing things on their own and need help with tasks.”

Michele Jerome – 18 years – Copywriter
How work success helps you succeed at motherhood:

“I think the relationship between work success and motherhood is mutual. I enjoy knowing that my son appreciates that my work is important to me as an individual and is important to us as a family. That doesn’t, however, stop him from texting me his preferred dinner menu while I’m still here at work. There’s a certain amount of “mom” multitasking that is inevitable and doing both can give you the gift of not sweating every single detail at home, accepting change and letting things go that are out of your power. Embracing both work and motherhood gives us the chance and challenge to be in the moment, pick our battles and enjoy more everyday successes.”

Stacy Bundy – 6 years – Account Executive
How work success helps you succeed at motherhood:

“While being a working mom can be challenging I truly believe it helps me to a better mom. The short time that I am with my children during the week, they have my undivided attention. I make the most of dinner time, bath time, whatever time it may be. And I always look forward to the weekends!”

Rachel Hughes – 2 years – Account Services
What qualities make a great leader?

“Great leaders to me care for the people that they lead. They are empathetic, yet strong. They are positive even when they face tough decisions. They never take their frustration out on others and are always willing to listen and understand.”

Alicia Cacace – 12 years – Media Buyer/Planner
What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

“I think trying to meet the expectations of society will be the biggest challenge for future generations of women, like trying to balance work and home life etc.”

Brit Swan – 3 years – Account Executive
What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

“The ongoing struggle to be everything to everyone, to be an expert in everything, and constantly apologizing when we inevitably are not. We wear so many hats that we forget it’s okay. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to utilize your team. You’re going to be just fine!”

Laura Bolt – Traffic Manager – 5 years
The difference between being a manager at work and at home: 

“At work I’m the manager and things run smoothly for the most part. At home my 6-year-old and new puppy are the managers I’m just the ringmaster.”

Ashley Kinnaird – 3 months – Digital Marketing Manager
What woman inspires you and why?

“Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) inspires me because she is an intelligent, self-made woman. Oh, and she positioned Facebook in a way that increased ad revenue by 57% in 2016 and led operations resulting on 40 billion revenue last year.”

Kari Kemp – 9 months – Web Designer
What qualities make a great leader?

“A great leader is like a great mother—humble, supportive and self-sacrificing.”

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  • I am so honored to work with these amazing people each and every day. They are talented, passionate, exceedingly bright and committed. At OEA we choose not to celebrate their accomplishments, personally and professionally, on only one day of the year. I hope we celebrate their impact and contribution every day. Cheers.

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