Happy National Publicist Day!

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October 30th is National Publicist Day, a day that recognizes public relations professionals! To shed some wise words on the topic, here’s our very own PR Fellow Kevin Gaydosh:

“Not being in the entertainment or publishing biz, I’ve never really referred to myself as a “publicist.” (Not sure how I feel about that term.)

Here at OEA, we prefer the terms “counselor” or “PR strategist,” because that’s more in line with what we actually do:

  • Based on study and research, we provide counsel to our clients about problems or opportunities that involve their key audiences and therefore affect their businesses.
  • We then map out a strategy to communicate the business decisions based on that counsel to various “publics” using the traditional news channels and social media.

But hey, if this is as close as we get to an Official Day for PR pros, then perhaps a free cup of coffee when showing a business card is in our future!”

Well said! Coffee’s on us, Kevin!


Additional background:
Did you know National Publicist Day is celebrated next week, Tuesday, Oct. 30?

National Publicist Day is celebrated on the date in 1906 when the New York Times printed the first press release written by Ivy Lee, considered by many to be “The Father of Modern PR.” 
The Pennsylvania Railroad was Lee’s client. On October 28, 1906, 50 people tragically lost their lives when a three-car train jumped a trestle in New Jersey and plunged into the creek below. 
In response to this disaster, Lee wrote his first press release that afternoon. He not only convinced the railroad to distribute this public statement, he also successfully lobbied his client to provide a special train to transport reporters to the scene of the accident.
The New York Times was so impressed with this innovative approach to corporate communications that it printed the first press release–verbatim–on October 30 as “A Statement from the Road.”

Just remember: If you see PR person today, tell him/her to have a good day.

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